How To Slow Down, Stop & Even Reverse The Aging Process... and Regain & Increase All The Youthful Energy, Vitality & Sexual Passion You Once Enjoyed!

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Joseph S. Kersey
Institute of Men's Health and Vitality

Right off the bat, let's get one thing clear: I am not a doctor. That means I am not here to give any medical advice. Almost everyone who writes about anything to do with a medical subject always tells you to "check with your doctor before following this or any other diet or health regimen." Is this good advice? In my opinion, the answer is mostly no. Why then, does nearly everyone who writes about health include a phrase about seeing your doctor first?

The answer is easy: It's a disclaimer. And truth is... I am no different from them. But here's the important thing:

Does that mean I am about to reveal to you in this exciting report is any less meaningful or untrue?

Far from it. The fact is... the information you're about to learn will quite literally transformed your life. And I am dead serious about it.

With that out of the way, let's get going.

The Key

We are going to start, oddly enough, by talking about menopause.

Menopause starts when a woman stops having her menstruation. It hits her like a brick wall. There is nothing gradual about it. She stops having periods, loses much of her estrogen (the hormone which is responsible for most of her feminine characteristics) and other hormones which are vital to her sense of well being.

She gets "hot flashes." She becomes moody and cranky. She gets depressed. Sometimes, she thinks she is losing her mind. Her interest in sex drastically declines and she doesn't lubricate as she used to. In general, she becomes...

A Truly Miserable Creature!

The physical effects of menopause I just described are horrible. As if that's not enough, men have always (and still do) underrate the misery of a woman who is undergoing these changes. Men tend to dismiss all this suffering with an indulgent smile and a fatuous remark like, "Oh, she's just going through The Change."

"Just going through The Change"? Let me tell you something: from a genetic, biologically-imperative perspective, a woman's only job is to produce eggs ... and ... a man's only job is to fertilize those eggs. When a woman enters menopause, she ceases to produce eggs and, from nature's point of view...

There Is No Longer Any Need For Her Continued Existence!

ERT literally gives a menopausal woman her life back.So, nature seems to lose interest in the woman's well-being and (this is just my opinion) start sending that woman "misery signals." These "misery signals" are nature's way of letting her know it might be time to consider the good parts of her life are over ... and ... it would be no big loss if, right about now, she would cease to exist. (Remember, this is nature's cruel side - I would never treat a woman like that.)

A woman going through menopause is not "Just going through The Change" ... no - she is going through hell!

Miracle of miracles, along comes Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT). Estrogen Replacement Therapy is just what it sounds like: a doctor simply replaces the estrogen a woman is no longer able to produce herself with estrogen produced from a lab.

Perhaps ERT doesn't solve every unpleasant side effect of menopause but it beats most of them ... and ... in many (if not most) cases, ERT literally ...

Gives A Menopausal Woman Her Life Back!

So what about us men? Good question.

Men also go through something similar often referred to as "Andropause". This happens as a man's testosterone level declines.

Only with men, this doesn't happen in the blink of an eye, like menopause happens with women. The so-called male menopause (or andropause) is a much more gradual process. However, in what we now think of as our mid-life crisis, many men's testosterone levels have declined enough to cause them some real problems ... and one of the main problem men care about is ... those rock-hard ("diamond cutter") erections.

The male menopause, or andropause, is a gradual process.During this stage of a man's life, they just don't happen like they used to.

Ah, but not to worry because...

We Now Have Viagra!

Viagra is a great product. Pop one of those little blue pills and ... unless you have a fairly serious health problem ... that little soldier of yours is going to stand up and salute the flag just like he used to.

There is one issue with Viagra however, and that is ... it does not address the problem of dropping libido - the actual desire to have sex. Where you used to think of sex every hour and feel really horny, it just doesn't happen any more.

Sex (or trying to have sex) without erection is impossible. But sex without desire is a chore!

Now, don't get me wrong: Viagra is truly a "wonder drug" which has dramatically increased the happiness of millions of men. But it only treats one specific symptom of a declining testosterone level. It does not increase your libido, and it does nothing about the underlying real problem, which is ...

A Constantly Declining Testosterone Level

Surely we can do much, much better, can't we?

Doesn't it seem obvious if estrogen replacement dramatically enhances the life of a menopausal woman ... giving testosterone to a man who is not a "young Turk" any more will solve many of his problems?

If I told you that one key substance in the body is more powerful than any other health factor, is more closely linked to risk of illness if and when a deficiency occurs, is more misunderstood, more improperly used, and more tragically underused than any other, what would it be?


I have studied it, prescribed it, and watched the responses of my patients -- hundreds of them. I challenge anyone to find a more diversely positive factor in men's health. When normally abundant, it is at the core of energy, strength, stamina, and sexuality. When deficient, it is at the core of disease and early demise.

Testosterone deficiency has been an unrecognized syndrome that impacts every sinew and cell in the body. It is powerfully linked to nearly every major degenerative disease. Use of this remarkable healing hormone could reverse suffering and prevent early death. My research uncovered a mountain of medical literature that has been basically ignored supporting its benefits.

I was taught that there was no male menopause and for years accepted that as fact. A series of events in my own health and the discovery that several pioneering physicians held entirely differing points of view changed my mind and transformed my conception of age-related illness and preventive medicine.

Until that point, I had seen aging as an unrelenting natural process that it was best to accept gracefully. Preventive medicine was an attempt to treat or modify specific risk factors that, like a sleeping lion, would jump up and bite you later in life.

My perspective changed dramatically. Clearly, preventive medicine would "widen in scope if it turned out aging was reversible. And, to a significant extent, it is. The male menopause, a grim milestone in the middle passage of a man's life, can be rolled back.

Testosterone decline is at the core of that male menopause (and a key element in the female menopause as well). Naturally, the two sexes have a different experience of midlife menopausal change. In women, there is an explosion of in-your-face symptoms, while men's very similar symptoms sneak in the back door unexpectedly like a thief in the night. Too often, loss of energy, ambition, sexual drive, and a host of minor symptoms are written off as 'burnout' or depression.

Women, meanwhile, have already learned that hormone replacement therapy results in reversal of the physical changes of menopause. Men, confronted by an information vacuum, still need to make the same discovery.

There are, of course, scientists on both sides of the fence. Even after forty years of experience, few subjects engender more emotion and controversy than estrogen replacement for women. Yet the vast majority of studies show a risk-benefit ratio that emphatically favors the camp of hormonal replacement. The considerable literature on testosterone replacement shows a very similar balance of benefit over risk. Keep that in mind and remember that quality of life is clearly the cornerstone of all treatment decisions.

Why have the subject of male menopause and the advantages of testosterone therapy taken so long to surface? One can only speculate. Perhaps the unspeakable spectre of impotence is at the root of silence. Perhaps it simply takes time for new ideas to rise into the medical mainstream. Old dogmas and clinical habits die hard. It is well for us not to rashly assume that every new nostrum has value, but resistance in the face of overwhelming science has no excuse.

To prevent the suffering of many is, for me, a powerful motivator. That is why I wrote this book.

Resistance will fade. Testosterone replacement therapy has every prospect of becoming for men what estrogen therapy is now for millions of women.

The male menopause, a real tragedy in the middle of the average man, has had its day. I am going to put a stake through its ugly little heart. I promise.

Eugene R Shippen, M.D

What you've just read is the preface of a book called The Testosterone Syndrome, subtitled, "The Critical Factor For Energy, Health, & Sexuality - Reversing The Male Menopause" by Eugene R. Shippen, M.D. and William Fryer.

So does that mean we have found the Holy Grail ... the key to the Fountain of Youth? Is it true with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), we men can once again enjoy the youthful energy we once had, and that steel hard erection and raging libido we once possessed?

Well, the answer is ... Yes and No.

"Yes" ... because testosterone is the key to slow down, stop and even reverse the aging process in men.

But "No" because - as with all pharmaceutical medications - there are always side effects to contend with. And in the case of TRT, the side effects turn out to be very nasty.

Dangers of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

There are plenty of side effects to TRT. Just reading about them is mind-boggling and it makes me wonder ... do the doctors know what they are doing to their patients when they empty a syringe full of synthetic testosterone into them?

One of the most undesirable side effects of TRT is the shrinkage of the penis and testes. The medical term for the condition is known as "testicular atrophy". With prolonged usage, your penis will shrink to the size of your little finger.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has many side effects.Now imagine this. You get a high sex drive with testosterone replacement, yes, but your erect penis is reduced to the size of your thumb. Not a very good scenario, isn't it?

"Why would this happen?" you ask. Good question. You see, synthetic testosterone acts like your body's own testosterone. Therefore when it is introduced into your body, through your hormonal feedback system, synthetic testosterone causes your Leydig cells to shut down production of your own natural testosterone.

It is absurd to think that man-made chemical substances are able to replace Mother Nature. They can't. And in the case of TRT, they certainly do not.

The renowned Mayo Clinic lists the following side effects with exogenous (external and synthetic) testosterone replacement therapy:

  • Skin reactions
  • Fluid retention
  • Baldness
  • Aggravation (or even the cause of) sleep apnea (brief, repeated cessation of breathing during sleep)
  • Stimulation of non-cancerous (benign) growth of the prostate and the cause of - or worsening of - urinary symptoms
  • Stimulation of any prostate cancer growth already present
  • Breast enlargement
  • Stimulation of existing breast cancer growth
  • Testicle shrinkage (testicular atrophy)
  • Limitation of sperm production (infertility)
  • Excess blood production

I'm sure you agree with me: it's not a pretty picture. In spite of this, the number of prescriptions for testosterone replacement therapy has increased over the years. And I believe the primary reason is ... the lack of emphasis by doctors and pharmaceutical companies on the negative side effects of the treatment.

But now that you know ... be careful if your doctors suggest TRT. It has its pros but the cons are way too much to contend with, in my opinion.

What a bummer. Seems like we're heading backward, doesn't it? This is like finding the treasure chest but on opening it, we let out a swarm of hornets coming after us with a vengeance.

Well, not really. We know without a doubt the key to the Fountain of Youth is to increase our testosterone level. And one of the ways to do so is through TRT ... although the side effects of that are way too unpleasant.

Continuing along this train of thought, is there any way then for us boost our testosterone level back to youth level - naturally?

The answer is YES. There are ways to do so through diet, exercise and natural supplements.

Part 3 of this report will address that along with news of a powerful and little-known herbal supplement available for the first time.

But before that, I urge you to read Part 2 carefully. Turns out ... increasing your testosterone level is only part of the equation.

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